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Justin blocked Beliebers because they blatantly disrespected Selena, not because they didn’t ship Jelena. 

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if you’ve seen justin bieber’s deposition video and you still continue to defend him i am judging you so hard

Nobody cares about being judged by you lmao


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Anonymous asked: Do you have IG?


I used to have one where I posted all my “The Way Jelena…” pics but I deleted it after a while. Why?


reblog if you think jelena is the hottest couple ever

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I don’t fucking care how many times i’ve reblogged it

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but the way Justin pushes Selena against the wall or pulls her up, I feel like my favorite fanfiction came to life






oh my god

he gonna be dead in 3 years I bet

he’s so fucking high in this video

what a fucking brat

are you fucking kidding me? Y’all are here calling him names and stuff but have you actually watched the video? This is not a deposition. They’re asking the most irrelevant questions. What does him loving/dating Selena Gomez have anything to do with all this? Or him knowing Usher? Or Scooter being his manager? Obviously these people are trying to get a reaction from him. Something that makes him look out of control. I bet if any of you were in his position, you would’ve talked the same way. These people are disgusting and even though I’m not a big fan of Bieber’s stuff and all, I loved the way he responded to them. It was about time he stood up for himself. He treated them the way the media treats him.

reblogging because of that last comment ^^^^ thank you!!!

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